About Us

Loyola PU College MANVI  is an educational institution  with unique vision and goal “Reaching the Unreached”. We have a wide campus and all the modern facilities for overall development of the students. We give individual attention to every student. Every student is unique and precious. Every student deserves a bright future. Loyola PU College can help build one.

Success in Loyola is not defined just in terms of academic excellence, but in directing its educational efforts to make future leaders, with a holistic combination of intellectual prowess, social concern, personal and moral values, with the leaders marching towards building a just and equitable society.

Loyola offers a wide range of course combinations for pre-university education and promises exciting and rewarding opportunities that ensure holistic development in a student. Here, you will be an active partner in a shared enterprise to face the ever-changing world with greater confidence. We offer you the excellent to make the right choice.