Staff Council

The staff council has the authority to act as a statutory body. The principal, heads of departments, senators, and the office superintendent are the members of the committee. The chairman position is held by the principal. One of its members will be designated as the secretary by the council. The staff council is an advisory body that assists the principal with academic matters and maintains discipline. The meeting of the council shall be convened at such times as the principal may consider necessary. The council secretary has the responsibility of keeping a record of all meetings’ proceedings.

The purpose of the Loyola PU College staff council is to advocate for the best interests of the staff members. Develop a vibrant college community, promote equality, diversity, and inclusion, and support the strategic mission and vision of the college.

Areas of emphasis:

  • Recognition of staff, professional development, building a community, strengthening relationships with the president’s cabinet, ensuring equity for staff, and structuring communication with/from staff meetings.
  • The results of the staff council’s working well and the survey on areas of focus can be found in the staff council.

Staff Council Associates

S.No Name Designation
1 Rev. Fr Praveen Kumar SJ Chairperson
2 Mrs. Shruti Khasim Secretary
3 Mrs. Sharada Member
4 Mr. Suresha Member
5 Mr. Rajesh Member
6 Ms. Shruti Desai Member