Our College Crest

The emblem of the Loyola Institutions dates back to the vision and mission of the fathers who started the Pannur Manvi Mission to cater to the socio-cultural and educational needs of the poor and marginalized with the aim, ‘Reaching the Unreached’ in the year 2002.

It is made up of the scroll which is placed on the fort with the inscription in Latin “Educatio est Liberatio,” the institutions Motto “ Educatio est Liberatio,” which means education is liberation, Education is the means through which a person fortifies his life, a symbol of the fort.

The fort has a sun with the inscription of IHS in the centre a symbol of Christian faith. The two hands holding a book in the lower side of the fort represent wisdom which enlightens the students. These three symbols reveal that wisdom comes from God. The compartment beneath the fort consists of paddy corn on which the people of the land constantly depend upon, the land known as the land of paddy. A fortitied education becomes a powerful tool for the liberation of the poor and marginalized, thereby fulfilling our aim of “Reaching the Unreached