The institution preserves to evaluate the academic excellence which nonetheless is always at par with the community involvement and leadership qualities of the students. Examination processes which are time tested with their proven efforts to mark the levels of knowledge acquisition. Grades are but a humble measure of the efforts in this Endeavour.
In our Loyola College slip tests. Internal exams, mid-term exams and preparatory exams are conducted for the students to perform well in their final exams and to excel themselves more in their studies.

As an institution, Loyola PU College, Manvi is endowed with the freedom to improvise systems of assessments. Therefore, it engages in a holistic and reflective interdisciplinary approach to education through which students are prepared around the year with activity-based classroom teaching and exposure to empirical knowledge that extends beyond books. The Examination Department has been consistently striving to reform the examination system. Students can individually approach the faculty for specific learning requirements.
The department presents objectives, evaluative methods and maintains transparency in evaluation processes. The performance of our students’ level has been outstanding and reflective of the institution’s efforts to deliver academic excellence.