• A Student is eligible to write the semester examination only when he/she has a minimum of 75% attendance in each subject.
  • Students who do not have a minimum of 75% attendance will not be allowed to write the examination. They have to repeat the year.
  • Students are advised to check their attendance with the respective lecturers and clear their doubts if any before the year closes.
  • No complaints or request for attendance on any ground will be entertained after the semester term closes.
  • Students who do not pay the examination fee are considered to have voluntarily discontinued the course.
  • Students who absent themselves on medical grounds should produce the medical certificate as soon as they come back.
  • A medical certificate however, does not entitle a student to attendance. The class mentor and the principal should be informed about the long absence.
  • Students representing the College/ Department/ Extension Activities, Should take prior approval in writing from the Principal, regarding their attendance for that particular period. The request for granting attendance will not be accepted after the term ends.
  • Leave Note: Leave of absence from the college should be obtained from the authority concerned. Unforeseen absence must be justified on return before entering the class by filling the record of absence sheet present in the college calendar, duly signed by the parent or the guardian and HOD’s or the
  • The names of students, who are absent continuously for 2 weeks without any notice, will be struck off the register.
  • Student are expected to be present for college exams, retreat and classes on re-opening date after holidays, march past on sports days and other such activities without fail. Absence without proper justification will be seriously viewed